About: St. Thomas SyroMalabar Catholic Diocese of Chicago USA

Established in 2001 by Saint Pope John Paul II, the St. Thomas Diocese is the first SyroMalabar Catholic diocese outside of India. Led by His Excellency Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath and Auxiliary Bishop Mar Joy Alappat, the diocese is responsible for pastoral care of all SyroMalabar Catholics in the United States.

A diocese according to the declaration of the Second Vatican Council “is a portion of the people of God which is entrusted to a bishop to be shepherded by him with the cooperation of the [clergy]. Thus by adhering to its pastor and gathered together by him through the Gospel and the Eucharist in the Holy Spirit, it constitutes a particular church in which the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church of Christ is truly present and operative.” The St. Thomas Diocese today consists of over 60 parishes and missions across the United States.

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